• We provide a professional service to homeowners & trade suppliers
  • Our service includes splitting rings, cutting & splitting lengths, dealing with solid arb waste / arisings
  • From small home owner piles to multiple lorry loads
  • You can book us for as little as an hour or for as long as you need
  • We have an option of processor sizes or up right splitter
  • You can find us on https://www.facebook.com/RichFirewood
  • or message me via http://m.me/RichFirewood
  • or contact Rich on 07816642895


Upright splitter & engine suitable for smaller jobs & rings with one or two operators

WP30 road tow self powered processor suitable for up to 350mm diameter, full forestry lengths or handball sized arb sections with one or two operatrors

Large road tow mobile processing unit comprising of :- Dunn VM420, log crane / grab, log deck, large diesel engine suitable for up to 420mm full forestry lengths or longer arb sections only available with two operators

We are now taking bookings for dates in 2022.You can book a self powered splitter, self powered processor or a firewood processing plant.Splitter will take up to 18" longProcessor will take up to 14" diameter & cut 200mm-600mm long, it can self load from a neat cord pile or cope with arb waste.Firewood plant cuts 200-600mm long & will take 420mm diameter it has a deck & crane to load from a stack.All come with trained operators.
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New belt fitted to processor. Went for a split belt to make it easier to change. Time will tell if that was a good call or not.
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Plan ahead, We are starting to get processing dates for August & September. Book early to avoid disappointment. www.youtube.com/watch?v=-azoD-Lv9nU&list=PLxE1xL3AN-oF6iBJlk-yXNyXpJJggBC-z&index=7&t=55s
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