• We provide a professional service to homeowners & trade suppliers
  • Our service includes splitting rings, cutting & splitting lengths, dealing with solid arb waste / arisings
  • From small home owner piles to multiple lorry loads
  • You can book us for as little as an hour or for as long as you need
  • We have an option of processor sizes or up right splitter
  • You can find us on https://www.facebook.com/RichFirewood
  • or message me via http://m.me/RichFirewood
  • or contact Rich on 07816642895


Upright splitter & engine suitable for smaller jobs & rings with one or two operators

WP30 road tow self powered processor suitable for up to 350mm diameter, full forestry lengths or handball sized arb sections with one or two operatrors

Large road tow mobile processing unit comprising of :- Dunn VM420, log crane / grab, log deck, large diesel engine suitable for up to 420mm full forestry lengths or longer arb sections only available with two operators

Firewood processingWe can process your wood for youA few of our recent processing jobs for clients all over the UK. From small home owner piles of 1+ tonnes to multiple lorry loads. Arb waste, farming trimmings & homeowner stacks or full lorry loads of hard & softwood. We have the solution for you. We can offer this service locally & nationally.We have 3 optionsUpright splitter for smaller pre ringed jobsSmall road tow processor suitable for lorry load lengths, rings & short sectionsLarge road tow processor Better suited for the full lorry loadsLimited dates letDates availableJune 2nd 17thJuly 1st 7th 8th 13th 14th (15th if 3 day booking)
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Processing DatesWe have a few one day slots available:-JUNE 2nd & 17th. JULY 1st 7th, 8th, 13th & 14th
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Do you sell firewood as a sidelineto your arb business? Or buy / take in arb waste toprocess?Using your arb arisings / waste could be costing youmoney even though the wood is basically free.Talking to people that process arb waste 4 to 5 IBC’sper day seems about the norm. At £120 a cage thats £600 made in a day.Sounds good right?Now I will try to convince you to sell your arb waste for£5+ per tonne & buy a lorry load for about £2400.CRAZY I hear you shout, but is it?In two days on arb waste you would make £1200, stillsounds great 🙂How about if you could make £2000-2600 instead forless work in the same time? 50+ IBC’s worth are over £6k Plus sell the arb waste too.I can process a lorry in two days for about £800 (verylocal) to about £1.3K (up to about 200 miles away inctravel & accommodation).All you have to do is remove & replace the filled IBC’sor deal with the pile created.costs- £2400+£1300=£3700.Sales- £6000 – costs £3700 = profit £2300Does £1200 still sound good?Work smart not hard 🙂
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A nice local job today.Lovely dry softwood.High % of smaller diameter lengths than typically in a load so that slowed things a little.Can just about see my house in the picture.Pictures taken at start of job & at morning break.By the end of the day we had done about 2/3rds of the lorry load. We will finish the rest of next week.
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Todays job was a small half day session just down the road. Virtually all hardwood with most of it being ash. Processed into two different lengths as the client has two stoves that take vastly different sizes. For a change I did not get any pics from after we finished but did remember to get one during the mid morning break at about the half way point.
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