Uk Firewood Processing Ltd offering professional onsite firewood processing

Professional onsite firewood processing
Professional onsite firewood processing

This can be from one day to five days duration of professional firewood processing

Offering professional firewood processing  on your site

Services offered as standard with our professional onsite firewood processing

Please ask if you need anything else

We do cover the mainland UK but the further away you are to more days you would need to book to make it viable

We can process up to 420mm 16.5″ diameter & from 1.5 to 6m long cutting into lengths from 20cm all the way up to 50cm

Using our Dunn VM420, log crane / grab, log deck, large diesel engine we can process up to 2.3T per hour producing up to 40m3 per 8 hour day

Unlike most others we can load our deck directly from the wood stack saving you a man & machine

Actual rates vary with site conditions & grade of wood

Our basic Day rate covers

  • all fuel & oils
  • two operators ensuring the processor runs as much as possible
  • 1 chain per day extra chains swaps charged at £10 per chain
  • Each job is bespoke so contact Rich for a quote
  • 8 hours onsite with extra hours charged pro rata

It excludes travel & subsistence costs which are quoted for separately as they are job specific

The Firewood Poem

Beechwood fires are bright and clear
If the logs are kept a year,
Chestnut’s only good they say,
If for logs ’tis laid away.
Make a fire of Elder tree,
Death within your house will be;
But ash new or ash old,
Is fit for a queen with crown of gold

Birch and fir logs burn too fast
Blaze up bright and do not last,
it is by the Irish said
Hawthorn bakes the sweetest bread.
Elm wood burns like churchyard mould,
E’en the very flames are cold
But ash green or ash brown
Is fit for a queen with golden crown

Poplar gives a bitter smoke,
Fills your eyes and makes you choke,
Apple wood will scent your room
Pear wood smells like flowers in bloom
Oaken logs, if dry and old
keep away the winter’s cold
But ash wet or ash dry
a king shall warm his slippers by.

professional firewood processing by Uk Firewood Processing ltd

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We can supply your Firewood direct to you in or near the LL53 area

Are you looking for firewood in the Pwllheli LL53 & surrounding areas?

Early bird savings on unseasoned softwood

Choose from having unseasoned Firewood direct to you for £115 per FULL IBC (£95 per m3) excluding the IBC cage

Or have it processed directly into your trailer on our site for £85 per m3 either specify the volume you want to completely fill the trailer up

Seasoned firewood in Pwllheli area

Softwood seasoned & ready to burn Firewood direct to you £130 per FULL IBC inc delivery within 15 miles

Hardwood seasoned & ready to burn firewood direct to you OUT OF STOCK

IBC cages NOT included in sale

They will be emptied as close as we can get our vehicle / trailer to your desired location

If you want a clean site after the delivery I recommend you have a suitably sized tarp for the size of your delivery

small charge for distances over 15 miles or larger minimum order applies ask for details

Discounts available for larger orders within our free delivery area

DIY firewood

We have limited supplies of DIY softwood in 7 to 8 foot lengths and some shorter bits.

These would all be over 16″ in diameter & need cutting to length then splitting

These can be collected or delivered

Contact Rich for a quote & availability

Firewood direct to you

No resellers

This years softwood has only travelled less than 1/4 mile from where it was grown to our site to be processed now thats local

Our firewood is renewable, a green source of energy & considered by most sources to be carbon neutral

Firewood is favourably comparable for £ cost per kWh to other energy sources

Our firewood is cut to 10″ but as with any natural product some will be longer or shorter than this

Less than 10% should be out of spec by more than 1″

It is split into sections that should have no single dimension larger than 6″ with most having no dimension over 5″

We do not remover the smaller splits & then charge you for kindling

Most people find that each order contains enough smaller bit so you dont need to buy extra kindling

We can cut & split to your required sizes if you are ordering unseasoned firewood subject to a minimum order value

If you have your own wood that needs processing we can come to you & handle it for you.

Contact Rich on 07816642895 for further details